Media Inflation Watch

Media is a highly volatile business. New opportunities are constantly being presented to the industry and more and more data are being produced more frequently. There is ever more competitiveness between media types and within media types resulting in rapid changes in rates, performance and thus calculated value for money. In 1990 the Media Directors' Circle (now the AMF) recognised this situation which resulted in the first release of Media Inflation Watch in 1992. From inception it has been produced by Mike Leahy of IBIS Media Data Services under the aucpices of the AMF.

What is Media Inflation Watch?

It is an analysis of capital cost and performance comparisons by media category together with a detailed breakdown of the components of those categories. You can...

  • monitor the change and trend in capital cost needed for advertising in various media and media owner groups. Planners and decision makers use this information to check budget changes against media rate inflation
  • rate and performance data are combined so as to derive an index of inflation of calculated cost of exposure. This is used to assist the decision of how much money is required to maintain or increase exposure and to project how much to allow at a point of time in the future
  • the statistics are used in negotiation with media owner groups
  • the statistics are used by media owners in justifying and establishing rates

Media Inflation Watch extras

A number of additional extras are provided with the Media Inflation Watch module. These are...

  • CPM Analysis: a quarterly analysis of cost per thousands (CPM) which establishes average category and industry comparisons and movements.
  • ABC Watch: a quarterly update of Audit Bureau of Circulations print media circulations.
  • Web Watch: a quarterly update of IAB SA (DMMA)/Effective Measures online performance statistics.
  • Rate Watch: a summary of ratecards received in Media Manager Online with key rates trended, updated daily.

Who uses Media Inflation Watch?

Subscribers include most main-stream advertising agencies and media independents, larger media owners and marketers.

What is the format?

Media Inflation Watch is a module of Media Manager Online and is accessed through this service.

What is the cost?

Standardly, the Media Inflation Watch module is the Media Manager Online subscription plus 100%.

Want to order?

No problem! Just call Mike Leahy on +27 (0)11 465-3704. Or email him on mikel@mediamanager.co.za

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