The MediaLibrary has its roots in the Media Book published 1986-1992. Although it got lots of praise it was a financial disaster. Simply, at that stage the media industry was not big enough to support a commercially generated text book. Many media planners and buyers that could afford to buy it could not be bothered to do so because they were used to getting everything free from media owners. And those that could not afford to buy it were left out.

Gordon Muller's AMASA sponsored book Media Planning Art or Science got the model right. But the cost of printing and updating information in a rapidly changing environment still remains. Hence the idea of converting the Media Book to a website and downloadable eBook. Thus being updated as the industry changes. And supplying it absolutely free of charge.

At this stage it is a private venture belonging to Mike Leahy. All costs are borne by IBIS Media Data Services (Pty) Ltd. This is the first public look at the venture. And it is still work-in-progress.

Available Books

Click on the following to see what is work-in-progress. Then follow the instructions on the opening page of each eBook.

MediaLibrary's MediaMaths » The first book in the MediaLibrary series. Pretty close to release

MediaLibrary's MediaHistory » Have lots of fun with this. Quite a lot more work to finalise

MediaLibrary's MediaGlossary » This is sheer hard slog of many years, a couple of months and it could be out.

Other books are in the pipeline - about Planning topics such as Targeting, Presentation Techniques, Production etc.

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