SA Media Facts

OMD South Africa produces SA Media Facts. It contains a summary of crucial need-to-know facts about South Africa's media market, including...

  • Economic indicators: SA in the World, GDP, CPI, Personal Disposable Income by Province and race
  • Demographics: Population Profile, Population Distribution by Age group and Home Language
  • Media Markets: Access to Media, Adspend in Rmillions, by category and compared to the CPI, and the Growth of Media Opportunities
  • Summary of Media types: Television, Radio, Newspapers: Daily, Weekly, Communities, Consumer Magazines, Business to Business, Cinema, Out of Home and Online
  • Useful Contacts
  • Summary of the business and media landscape in each of the SADC countries

Provided annually since 1997, it is currently carried in Future Media's Blueprint. A PDF version of the latest issue of SA Media Facts can be obtained from OMD South Africa's website. Use the following link:

OMD Media and select the link to Media Facts

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