Media Manager Online

This is the online service containing full information on South African print media titles, radio stations, online sites and digital newsletters plus the tools to access, sort, process and download to your own programs and printers.

What are the benefits?

You are able to save time and therefore money, to focus more on the deployment of knowledge to plan, negotiate and otherwise deal with media. Additionally Media Manager Online is a creative tool providing search facilities to prompt relevant but novel alternatives to otherwise obvious options.

Data and outputs include

  • sort media by category, interest, membership, ownership and media owner group
  • sort personnel by one of more than 250 interests. Where possible we provide direct contact number, cell and emails
  • create and download professionally created customised documents for presentation, material chase lists etc
  • create and download lists of personnel for mail merge into email address books, letters, faxes and labels
  • evaluate PR results against advertising rates and produce presentation reports with the unique PR Analysis & Metrics (PRAM) tool
  • view a profile of the All Media & Products Survey (AMPS) readership and compare against competitors you select
  • view complete rate cards, including terms, discounts, special positions, dimensions of sizes etc. Historical ratecards are kept in the system. Access over 11,000 original media owner ratecards in PDF format.
  • full production data are included, including a unique size calculator for newspapers
  • view media brand activity and performance across various technology platforms and social media.

Who uses Media Manager Online?

Media Manager Online is designed for communications professionals in advertising agencies, media independents, PR consultants, corporates and media owners.

Subscribers include 19 out of 19 of the top media placing advertising agencies/media independents and 10 out of 10 of the top PR consultants (source: Finweek's AdReview 2012).

When are the data updated?

Media Manager Online researchers proactively contact media owners to verify listings. The database is updated as we receive an change from media owners – no waiting and more up to date to than anyone else in the business!

What is the cost?

Subscriptions start at just R1265.40 (2013 rate including VAT) per month for the first seat, with hefty discounts for multiple users. Email us to get a competitive quote.

Want to see Media Manager in action?

Sure thing! For a free no-obligation fully functional online trial call Mike on +27 (0)11 465-3704 or +27 (0)83-230-0343. In Cape Town call Gary on +27 (0)82 781-6082. Or e-mail mikel@mediamanager.co.za or gary@mediamanager.co.za

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