The Team

Mike Leahy - the "Boss"

Media Manager is Mike's brainchild. It was he, as a media director of a major advertising agency, who saw the need for a computerised media database with linked tools. He developed his ideas, and with backing from the IBIS/MRA company launched the service in 1993. When Nielsen bought IBIS/MRA Mike took on the whole responsibility of the service. Mike's background includes over 30 years in advertising, mostly in agencies. In 1987 he wrote the first text on media planning, entitled the Media Book. In three subsequent updates it became a prescribed work at various universities and media teaching institutions. Mike has taught for the Inst. of Marketing Management, the Advertising Media Association of SA and the SA Advertising Research Foundation. He is frequently called upon to talk on media matters at seminars, and writes about media matters extensively.

Email: mikel@mediamanager.co.za Tel: 011-465-3704

Susan Leahy - Research/Finance Manager

Susan has a background in administration and teaching, with a strong emphasis on good English. Being married to Mike, Susan has been involved in decision making from the very beginning, handles the research for a number of large magazine/online media owners as well as projects and the all-important financial management.

Email: susan@mediamanager.co.za Tel: 011-465-3704

Patricia Mokoena - Researcher/Accounts

Media Manager could not function without Patricia, who makes sure all the rate data goes in without mistake. Patricia has been with Media Manager since 1994 - after passing her matric in 1992 and spending a year at secretarial school.

Email: patricia@mediamanager.co.za Tel: 011-465-3704

Rosemary Beverley - Cape Research Manager

Rosemary joined Media Manager in 2012 after a long career in administration at IBM. Rosemary has quickly brought under control Media Manager's listings of big newspapers/online.

Email: rosemary@mediamanager.co.za Tel: 021-790-2377

Gary du Plessis - National Sales/Advertising

Gary moved from Cape support, which he did for a number of years, to National Sales/Advertising and Social Media Manager. Gary's background is design with strong computer and marketing skills.

Email: gary@mediamanager.co.za Cell: 082-781-6082

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